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How to Help Your Business Go Paperless with OP.Sign

The benefits of going paperless in business are endless — from boosting your company’s data security, to improving your team’s productivity, to creating a greener workplace — it’s clearly the way forward. But as a business owner, how do you begin the process of moving towards a paper-free business model? With OP.Sign, it’s simple. 

OP.Sign: An Introduction  

OP.Sign is the premier end-to-end eSignature solution for businesses of all sizes. With our easy-to-use mobile app, you can scan, send and receive your organization’s most important documents, backed up by state-of-the-art cybersecurity. OP.Sign was created by the same team that developed the first antivirus software for mobile devices. Our solution allows companies to go paperless quickly and seamlessly, with functionality that’s perfect for countless industries. From real estate agencies to law firms, construction companies to financial institutions — every business can benefit from going paperless with OP.Sign. 

Getting Started

To begin, download the OP.Sign app, either on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. When you’ve opened the app, enter your full name and email to create an account; you’ll be sent a verification code to your email, to verify your identity. That’s it! You’re now ready to start scanning, sending and receiving documents. 

Uploading Documents

On your OP.Sign dashboard, click the plus sign to upload any document. You have three options to do this: you can quickly scan your document with your smartphone or tablet; you can search through your photo gallery for document images; or you can browse through your files to find the appropriate document. Click ‘Save’ and the document will instantly be stored and securely encrypted in the OP.Sign server. You can add as many documents as you wish, for use at any time in the future. 

Editing Documents

When you’re ready, OP.Sign gives you several features that you can add to your document. You can add text, sign or initial the document, add a date or a company seal. All of these may be placed manually wherever you’d like on the document. The app will save these changes directly to the documents. You can also easily rename, rearrange and download all of your documents. 

Sending Documents on Signatures Flows

Every set of scanned documents will be grouped together on your OP.Sign dashboard. To begin sending, select a particular document set, and choose either ‘Sign’ or ‘Request Signature’. You’ll be directed to your contacts list. Choose the recipient, and your document will be sent instantly! You also have the option of adding signature guides to make the process easier. 

Receiving Documents

Your recipients will receive the email securely and instantly. Recipients can open, sign and return the doc, all from their mobile device. It’s not necessary for them to have the OP.Sign app downloaded, but we recommend it. Once the document has been signed, the sender will be notified right away. 


Protecting Shared Documents

OP.Sign’s Secure Share allows you to share documents with full encryption on our servers, which are then decrypted on the recipient’s mobile device. Select ‘Send with Passcode’ to use this service. 

Integration with

We’ve recently partnered with, to integrate OP.Sign with your company’s board. Your business can now use our fully paperless solution directly through your workspace, for zero interruption, and total efficiency. To see how OP.Sign integrates with, read our blog.


We hope this extended how-to will help you move your business forward to a fully paperless system, for endless benefits for your staff, clients and company as a whole. To learn more about what OP.Sign can do for your organization, visit

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