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  • Auto generate documents from Word / Google Doc templates and content from the monday.com board or form
  • Automatically send documents for eSignature from within monday.com boards
  • Status changes and schedules based automations send documents such as Contracts, Business Proposals and Agreements for signatures.
  • Send to one or multiple recipients, in parallel or in sequence to allow counter-signature
  • The signed document is sent back to the monday.com board and updates the record status accordingly
  • monday.com boards can include an https link to the file in the cloud (monday.com field of type Link). ​OP.Sign supports the following commercial cloud drives services: DropBox, Google drive (Google), MS OneDrive, Box.com or any direct link to a file on any file server accessible via https (e.g.: AWS S3)
  • In addition OP.Sign supports local and remote file attachments (monday.com field of type Files)

  • The files attached or linked can be of the following formats:​

    • PDF​

    • Docx / Doc

    • Google Docs