OP.Sign and monday.com - better together

Introducing the OP.Sign app for monday.com
  • Automatically send documents for signature from within monday.com boards
  • Status changes and schedules based automations send documents such as Contracts, Business Proposals and Agreements for signatures.
  • The signed document is sent back to the monday.com board and updates the record status accordingly
  • monday.com boards can include an https link to the file in the cloud (monday.com field of type Link). ​OP.Sign supports the following commercial cloud drives services:
    • DropBox

    • G drive (Google)

    • OneDrive ( Microsoft)

    • A direct link to a file on any file server accessible via https (e.g.: AWS S3)

      In addition OP.Sign supports local and remote file attachments (monday.com field of type Files)


  • The files attached or linked can be of the following formats:​

    • PDF​

    • Docx / Doc

    • PNG and JPG - coming soon

Error Messages

In case of an error, the field you reserve for the signed contract, will contain a link to this page (in the op.today web site)

If you received it, please check on of the following

  1. You linked or attached an unsupported file type

  2. You linked to an http address rather than https

  3. You linked to an https address which does not contain the actual file but an HTML wrapper that includes the file. This can be the case if the cloud drive is not one of the services we support (see list above).

If you still have issues, please send us a note to contact@op.today with the words "Using OP.Sign with monday.com" in the title and describe the issue you encountered.

We'll be quick to reply and do our best to help resolve everything.

The OP.Sign team