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Upgrading your plan

Here are instructions how to upgrade your OP.Sign plan on

You can upgrade (or downgrade) from any existing plan to any other plan. Changes are effective immediately.

Before starting, make sure you're logged on to and have access to the workspace and board you wish to use OP.Sign on.

1. At the top right corner of the page, click on the "Board Power-Ups" button and then "Apps Marketplace"

NOTE: In some versions of the page UI, the wording is slightly different:  

click on the "Add to board" button and then "Apps"

upgrade plan 1.png

Top right corner standard UI

monday upgrade 1.png

Top right corner alternative UI

2. The app marketplace opens.
Search for "OP.Sign" and Click on the "OP.Sign Digital e-Signature" entry

upgrade plan 2.png

3. At the top tabs, click on Billing tab

monday upgrade 2.png

4. Click on "Upgrade plan"

monday upgrade plan 4.png

5. A page with all the available plans opens. Click on the plan you wish to use, select Monthly or Yearly and then "Continue to checkout".

upgrade plan 5.png

6. Enter your credit card details.


You're all set

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