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Working with Signature guides

Signature guides is an extremely powerful feature for your OP.Sign for integration

  1. It lets your signers know exactly where in the document they need to apply a signature, initials or add some text (name, address etc.).

  2. It also makes sure they fill all the required places before completing the signature process, so documents are never semi-signed.

  3. Finally, Signature guides bind the data entry with the location (coordinates) on the page, so users can't sign in the place reserved for another signer.

Getting Signature guides to work on your documents is very easy and requires no change of the integration recipe.

A few notes on Signature guides implementation

  • Signature guides work on docx, doc and Google docs. PDFs are currently not supported

  • Signature guides use the OP. Dynamic tag starting with {{ and ending with }}

  • The syntax for Signature guides for a document with one signer is : {{Signer:1}} 

  • Unique and individual Signature guides can be created for each of the signers in a document with multiple signers. In this case use {{Signer:1}} for the 1st signer, {{Signer:2}} for the second signer etc.

  • Each document can contain many Signature guides for the same person and for multiple people

  • The guides currently do not enforce the type of data entry from the user - they specify the signer need to enter some data in the specified area

Let's see how it's done

1. Create a new document

Signature guides work on Docx, Doc and Google docs.
I'll create a new document called "Signature Guides Demo".

In this simple document - a table containing three places I wish the user to add data.

For each of them I added the text {{Signer:1}} inside the document


2. Create a new line in your board

Give it a name you'll remember like "SG Test #1"

I'll be using my Real Estate Properties demo in this tutorial


Complete the required data (as described in detail in the Getting started tutorial)
and send it out for signature...

3.  Sign the document


As detailed in the Test your integration page, 
Open your mailbox and locate the incoming message from "OP.Sign App", click on the "Review and sign" button, enter your name and click Next

The document will open and it will have three Orange dots exactly where we placed the {{Signer:1}} tags


Click directly to the top orange dot
- OR -
Click on the forward arrow within the Orange bar at the bottom of the screen - and add your signature


then go to the second dot and choose the text tool to enter your name

  • Try to move the name around the screen and note it allows only "fine position tuning" 

  • Try to click finish (before entering the info required on the 3rd dot) and notice you get a message informing you that some guides have not been filled.


SG 3a.png

Click on "Fill missing guides"

Enter today's date and click Finish

You should get a fully signed document with three filled Signature guides!

SG 3b.png

4. Start working

Now you can apply Signature guides to your OP.Sign documents within your boards.
good luck and happy signing!

For any issues or questions, please send us a note to with the words "Using OP.Sign with" in the title and describe the issue you encountered.

We're here to help!

That's it!

We're done!

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