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  • What is OP.Sign?
    OP.Sign is the fully paperless end to end solution. One tool that does it all. With over 250,000 users OP.Sign offers the most revolutionary eSignature platfrom available. OP.Sign is mobile first and is featured on the Apple App and Google Play stores.
  • What features does OP.Sign provide?
    * Scan - Scan documents on the go using your mobile camera * Fill & Sign - Easily fill forms and sign contracts * Send with passcode - Send a code protected document for others to review and sign * Route for signatures and track progress * Organize your documents - Store all your scanned, imported and signed documents in one place
  • What does fully paperless mean?
    Fully paperless means OP.Sign covers the entire process End to End, within the app. No need to print anything! - Start by Scanning or Importing an existing file or photo - Continue by Signing the document and routing for others to sign - Finish by Storing and Sharing the signed document with your business partners OP.Sign does all this and more without the need to ever print another page.
  • I have another question, how can I contact you?"
    If you have a question that has not been answered in this FAQ, please send us an email to and we'll get back to you very shortly! Promise.
  • How do I scan a document to OP.Sign?
    It's simple - When OP.Sign opens for the first time it contains two buttons - Import and Scan. Tapping Scan opens the phone camera in photo capture mode. OP.Sign takes it from there... On future uses of the app, clicking the "+New" button located in the middle of the main page and selecting Scan from the menu leads to the same scan flow.
  • What are the supported scan features?
    OP.Sign supports camera flash, scan area cropping, page rotation and multi page scan.
  • How do I import a document to OP.Sign?
    It's simple - when OP.Sign opens for the first time it contains two links - Import and Scan. Pressing Import opens a menu where the options "Email", "Photo Gallery" and "Browse" exist. Clicking on one of the menu items initiates the relevant import flow. On future uses of the app, clicking the "+New" button located in the middle of the main page and selecting "Import from email", "Photo Gallery" or "Browse" from the menu leads to the same import flows.
  • What are the document formats supported by OP.Sign?
    OP.Sign supports Microsoft Word .doc, PDF .pdf, Rich Text .rtf, Text files .txt and multiple image formats .jpg, .gif, .png
  • How do I sign a document I created?
    To sign a document, 1. Simply enter the document and tap anywhere on the document. 2. You will notice a menu containing two options: Text (denoted by the TT icon) and Signature (denoted by a signature like icon). Click on the signature. 3. A menu will open where you can choose whether to apply your signature or hand drawn initials. 4. After making the selection your signature will be applied to the page and you'll be able to drag and relocate as well as resize it on the page. 5. When ready press the check sign, then the save button and you're all done.
  • How do I place my signature on the document?
    After signing on the signature pad or selecting your signature, your signature will be applied to the page and you'll be able to drag and relocate as well as resize it on the page.
  • Can I resize my signature on the document?
    Yes, you can. This can be easily done by dragging the dot on the lower right corner of the rectangle surrounding your signature or initials. See the short video attached.
  • Some documents require me to hand draw my initials on the top of every page of the document. Does OP.Sign support that?
    Yes, it does!. This is typically applicable for contacts and other agreements. Whenever a signature menu opens it includes two options: Signature and Initials. Choose the latter to place your handwritten initials on your document Note: your initials can be entered and edited on the Settings screen
  • How can I save my signature and initials for future uses?
    OP.Sign does that for you automatically. That's the beauty. Whenever you draw your signature and initials for the first time, they are saved in the system for future uses and fetched for you when you need them. Note: Your signature and initials can be entered and edited on the Settings screen
  • Can I send a document for others to sign?
    Absolutely. Just tap on the "+ person" icon at the bottom right of your screen to open a menu. Select the "Request Signature" option and then select a contact from your phone's address book. It is that easy. You can also send to email addresses and mobile phone numbers (via SMS) that are not in your contact list.
  • Can I route a document for signature to more than one person?
    Yes you can. You can add as many recipients as you wish, simply type any email address or phone number or choose from your phone's contact list.
  • Can I control the order of signatures?
    At this point the flow is parallel, meaning that the app sends out the request for signature to all recipients at the same time.
  • Can my recipients view and sign the document I sent without the need to download the Op.Sign app?
    Yes, they can! First time users can access the document sent to them via a web browser interface. There is no need for them to download OP.Sign or any other app.
  • Do my recipients need the OP.Sign app in order to sign?
    The short answer is No. We recomend to use the app in order to sign, but it is not a must! Recipients without the app can open and sign the document on a standard web browser of an Android phone, iPhone or iPad... In fact, mobile phones of all types as well as tablets and laptops with touch screens are supported.
  • How can I know the status of the documents I sent out for signature?
    To learn about the progress of the signatures you requested, go to the document. You'll notice the list of signers at the bottom pane of the screen. There will be an icon attached to each recipient with the following icons: Checkmark - Signed Clock - Pending signature X - Declined to sign In addition, by clicking on this area of the screen, the document status screen will open, giving you a more detailed view on each recipient, including date and time of action.
  • How do the reminders work
    if your signers do not sign the document, we send them a single reminder Timing: this single reminder is sent exactly 24 hours after the initial request to sign.
  • What is OP.Sign's Secure Share?
    Secure Share is a secure and private way to send content sensitive documents to recipients. Each file is encrypted on the server side and decrypted on the recipient's mobile phone. The user receives a link to the content and a one time code in a separate message. The file is then decrypted on the client side using AES-256 key algorithm and the encryption key that was sent to the user separately.
  • How do my recipients receive my share invitation?
    The recipients receive an email message containing the link to the document. When clicking on the link and reaching the document, the user needs to click on the "give me passcode" button that generates a one time passcode that is sent in a new message to the same email address.
  • How long is the passcode valid for?
    The passcode is valid for one time use only and can be applied only for 5 minutes after it is sent. If a longer period of time passes before the user tries to open the link, a new passcode request needs to be sent.
  • What is the document activity log?
    The Document Activity Log (also know as Audit Trail) records all meaningful activities that affect the document throughout its life cycle, such as creation, routing for signature and signage.
  • Who can manipulate the activity log
    The activity log is open to update only by the system. No user or superuser can modify its content. In addition, the OP.Sign system can only append data to the log so that data on previous actions won't be deleted.
  • Where can I find the Activity Log?
    In the mobile app go to the document page. Under the actionable icons (Sign, ... , Share copy) there is an Avatar with the signer's first letter or photo (if available in the system). Click on the avatar and you'll be directed to the activity log. The Left tab shows all the participants in the signature flow (Signers) and the Right tab contains the activity log (Activity).
  • What actions does OP.Sign record in the Activity log?
    For each action recorded, OP.Sign captures the identity of the person performing the action as well as the date and time. The following actions are recorded: Document Created Document Imported Request Signature In Signing Process Document Opened Document Signed Asked to Revise (Document Rejected) Document Shared
  • How much does OP.Sign cost? is it really FREE?
    The OP.Sign mobile app has a Basic tier that is offered for FREE and and a Premium tier at a monthly subscription fee . For more info and to compare between the plans, see our Plans and Pricing - OP.Sign Mobile App page.
  • Does OP.Sign share my data with 3rd parties?
    Absolutely NOT. Your data is safe with us. We will never compromise your Privacy or Security.
  • Does OP.Sign serve Ads?
    No. The OP.Sign app is ad and banner free.
  • How do I cancel my Subscription
    Cancelling your subscription to OP.Sign the done by you (the user), but no worries - it is easy to do. Here is how: Open the app and go to the Settings screen > tap on "My current plan" > "Manage my subscription". You'll be directed to the app/play store page where Apple/Google will cancel your subscription. Here are instruction by Apple and Google how to access their stores directly: - Apple App Store - Google Play Store
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