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Sustainability Tips for Small Business

In the modern business landscape, going green is no longer a savvy marketing move — it’s a necessity. Due to the ongoing threat of climate change, companies everywhere are making tremendous strides to reduce their carbon footprint and limit their negative effects on the planet. But look a bit closer and you’ll notice that the brands that are at the forefront of this movement, tend to be large multinational corporations (ironically, those companies that do the most environmental harm in the first place).


But what about smaller businesses? How do companies compete in this new, greener world — when profit margins, time management and controlled costs can mean the difference between lasting success and devastating failure? In honor of Earth Day, here are some helpful and cost-effective sustainable business ideas to help your company go green.  


Shop Local

Our first sustainable business practice that you can implement immediately is to purchase supplies from local producers as much as possible. In today’s hyper connected world, transportation across the country plays a huge role in our economy, the problem is, it also plays a huge role in pollution, too. When you buy products from local suppliers, you’re reducing the amount of gasoline and oil used to deliver those products from faraway places. And it can be anything from manufacturing elements to the snacks your employees munch on — every little bit helps. 

Drive Less

One of the most important lessons from the pandemic, is that while everyone was staying in and working from home — is that it did wonders for lowering our smog levels. If your workforce has the capability to continue remotely working, just keep it up! But if your staff has gone back into the office, encourage carpools among your employees. If people live near each other, taking the same car in can save time and gas, all while helping the planet. 

Cut the K-Cups

One of the biggest polluters in offices across the country, is the little unsuspecting K-cup. The tiny pods that give us instant fresh coffee, lead to some of the worst environmental damage compared to their size. Instead of using these damaging cups, go old school — buy your office a standard, filtered coffee maker. It won’t just save you money, it’s so much better for the environment. And if you get one with a programmable function, you can set it the night before, for fresh, hot coffee the moment you step into the office!

Lower Your Building’s Footprint

Our office buildings use up a tremendous amount of energy, due to outdated lighting, HVAC and plumbing operations. If you own your own office building, or are looking to lease a new space — be sure to educate yourself on the latest sustainable innovations available to help lower your building's footprint. For example, you could install low-flow toilets and faucet aerators to reduce water consumption, or utilize super-insulated building shells to greatly reduce energy usage. 

Go Paperless with eSign

One of the easiest and simplest sustainable business practices that you can implement right now, is to go paperless with OP.Sign. By allowing you to scan, send, sign, and receive your most important documents instantaneously, OP.Sign’s advanced eSignature platform eliminates the need for printing and storing multiple copies. And with state-of-the-art cybersecurity, you can rest assured knowing that all of your vital information stays safely protected in the cloud. To get started, visit or download the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store


We hope you’ve found these sustainable business ideas helpful. We hope you use them to find success, expand your business, and cultivate a greener world.

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