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Benefits of eSignature in the Construction Industry

In the construction industry, efficiency is key. Whether you’re a contractor in a local building firm, or a project manager in an international construction company — productivity can make the difference between success and failure; between a steady stream of new projects, and an ever-shrinking client base. 


And one of the best construction management tools for boosting efficiency and productivity in your company is eSignature, from the industry’s leading provider, OP.Sign. Simply put, eSign is technology that allows users to scan, sign, send and receive documents electronically. And though it may seem like a straightforward tool, the benefits of eSignature in the construction industry are vast. Let’s explore some of the benefits now.

Securing New Business Contracts

When it comes to signing new clients, you want the process to be as quick and simple as possible. By adopting a fully paperless business model, you can offer RFIs, project proposals, quotes and purchase orders instantly. This not only makes it easier for your client to accept your offer, it reduces the ambiguities or misunderstandings that could slow down the process — crucial time in which other firms can present their own competing offers. 

Saving Time and Paperwork

Many complex projects require a mountain of paperwork, not to mention the time you and/or your employees spend organizing those documents. With OP.Sign’s cutting-edge solution, your commonly used documents are all saved in one convenient place, for faster access when you need them. And the fact that all your documents are stored electronically, saves you time printing, editing, faxing and filing. 


Conducting Business on the Move

Especially during the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s never been more important for companies to be able to conduct business outside the office. And this is even more true in the construction industry — where many quick decisions are made on-site. With OP.Sign, you are not tethered to your computer, so you can get approval for any changes your firm must make, instantaneously.   Being able to quickly respond to the needs of your clients will lead to a better relationship with them, and more referrals in the future. 

Making Adjustments Instantly

As any contractor knows, there is hardly ever a project that doesn’t involve multiple changes and adjustments along the way. When you go paperless with OP.Sign, you’ll be able to get approval on a timeline revision, as well as changes to contract terms, pricing, etc., whenever you need them, resulting in a smoother process for you and your clients. 


Reaching Deadlines

No construction project management tool would be complete without the benefit of helping you reach deadlines. With OP.Sign, you can instantly get purchase orders signed, to buy the materials you need to get the job done, faster. 


Confidentiality and Security

With OP.Sign’s eSignature solution, your most important documents are protected by cutting-edge cybersecurity. As developers of the first antivirus software for mobile devices, the creators of OP.Sign use innovative proprietary software with the added layer of encryption, to make sure your documents remain as safe as possible. This multifaceted protection will give your clients the peace of mind they need to do business with you. 


So before you undertake your next great construction project, download the OP.Sign app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, you can also visit

Happy building!

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